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Life in 360°: Nakuru Kuru: Awakening

One man’s journey to ride the waves.

In the UK we have a saying: “You wait ages for a bus… and then two come along at once.” This is usually referred to as a London bus, and sometimes the number is far greater than two. Basically it refers to not just users of public transport’s common knowledge, but that when you convince yourself you’ve missed out on something you can expect to immediately get too much of what you wanted in the first place.

Life In 360° / 360 Degree VideoSo last week I wrote about how we suddenly had another 360 degree video relating to the World Surf League (WSL). An organisation we’d followed over the years because they’ve occasionally teamed up with people. However, this was somewhat spooky timing as the first one we wrote about (and the one I had been thinking of at the time) was written at almost the same time as a GoPro surfing video that I’d had referenced as rediscovering on Life in 360° the week before THAT.

So now we’re in the third week and suddenly Google VR are tweeting about this 360 degree video. And it’s about surfing. And I’m wondering whether or not the universe is really desperate for me to go and catch a train to Cornwall or something.
Perhaps it’s best not to think about it too much; but if there’s a surfing video that pops up for a fourth week in a row I’m going to start wondering just how many ‘buses’ are due.

Kaleidoscope and Jiva VR are behind for this particular video, called Nakuru Kuru: Awakening.

“Surf pioneer John Ritter’s decades-long expedition, culminating in the discovery of one of the greatest waves on earth, began twenty years prior in Baja, Mexico. Now with the help of Virtual Reality technology, Nakuru Kuru: Awakening, allows you to experience the defining moments that propelled Ritter to a lifetime of exploration. Journey down dusty Baja backroads en route to a sublime sunrise surf, dive amongst thousands of Jackfish in Cabo Pulmo and enjoy a meditative campfire on a deserted beach – experiences John found by leaving it all behind, in pursuit of a dream.”

We’ll have more 360 degree video on VRFocus this coming Wednesday.

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