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Listen to Joyzu’s new Track in AR With Wavy

The Wavy AR app launches today for iOS devices.

Musicians have been using virtual reality (VR) for a number of years now, either creating immersive music videos or broadcasting concerts in 360. Today, its the turn of augmented reality (AR) with the launch of a music experience app called Wavy for iOS devices.

Wavy App Screenshot

Wavy is an AR app that transforms music into a visual experience. The company works with musicians to create tailored content specifically for each of their tracks, and with the launch today electronic music duo Joyzu (part of Armada Music) are one of the first to be featured.

Explaining the reason behind Wavy, founders Hammad Bashir and Sonia Sharma siad in a statement: “Music can already transform how we feel about our surroundings: you put in headphones, listen to a song, and yyour mood and perception of the space around you changes instantly. We believe AR can deepen this transformation by making music both an auditory and visual experience.”

“We’ve been friends since college and are both huge music fans,” the founders add. “We have been building immersive products (AR/VR) for about two years and saw an opportunity to change the way people consume and interact with music using this new technology”

Wavy logo

The Wavy AR app is available today via the Apple store for free, you can find the link on Wavy’s official website. For any further updates on Wavy and the addition of new artists, keep reading VRFocus.

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