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MirageSoft’s Project VR Fishing Could be the Most Realistic yet

It’ll support Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and mobile headsets.

Recreational fishing tends to be one of those sports people either love of hate, either because of the tranquil nature of the activity or for the exact same reason. That hasn’t stopped virtual reality (VR) developers bringing fishing into the virtual realm, with Resolution Games’ Bait! proving to be popular. Then there are upcoming titles like Metricminds’ Catch & Release to consider. South Korean developer MirageSoft has recently released early details for its fishing experience, Project VR Fishing.

Project VR Fishing

Unlike Bait! or Catch & Release, Project VR Fishing goes for a far more realistic looking experience as MirageSoft is using photogrammetry alongside high-resolution horizontal 8K panoramic textures. As the screenshots and video below showcase, Project VR Fishing isn’t going to be your average arcade VR videogame with some incredibly detailed – and real –  South Korean fishing spots.

To begin with Project VR Fishing will feature freshwater lure fishing, with MirageSoft confirming to VRFocus via email that three different versions are currently in development. A theme park version which supports four players using custom built reel controller, will be completed in May 2018 for South Korean attractions.

The second version will be for mobile and the mobile standalone devices, designed more towards casual players who are not familiar with fishing. The studio plan to release this version around the middle of 2018. The final version will be for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, designed to be a fishing simulator that’ll be playable by the end of the year.

Project VR Fishing

Players will also have the opportunity to create their own aquarium, presumably filled with fish that they’ve caught.

MirageSoft’s future plans for Project VR Fishing also include ideas for sea fishing as well as other fishing spots from locations around the world.

Check out the demo video below which was created using actual in-game footage, and for any further updates on Project VR Fishing keep reading VRFocus.

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