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Missing in Action: Where are these PlayStation VR Games?

A number of PlayStation VR titles have been announced and then seemingly disappeared. Where are they now?

The PlayStation VR has skyrocketed to the forefront of consumer virtual reality (VR) since its launch back in 2016. In the 18 months since the debut of the head-mounted display (HMD) we’ve seen some fantastic VR experiences become available, with the likes of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Farpoint and Moss redefining what videogaming can mean, but along the way we’ve also seen some fantastic looking experiences disappear off-the-grid. VRFocus now takes a moment to remember some of our fallen friends and question where they are now.

Golem header

We’re not talking about tech demo’s here – the likes of Final Fantasy XIV and a VR edition of 2014’s Thief reboot amongst the many that we never really expected a full consumer release for – but rather those titles which were announced with the intention of launching via the PlayStation Store before disappearing off-the-radar. For example, Golem. Highwire Games’ Golem was announced in 2016, only to drop out of the public eye for over a year before being confirmed for a 2018 release back in October 2017. Below are some of the other titles we’ve not heard about for some time.



Initially announced way back in 2015, development on Sólfar Studios’ Golding came to a halt in favour of progressing with Everest VR. Since then, VRFocus has regularly asked Sólfar Studios what the plans are for the title, including recently when discussing the impending launch of In Death. Sadly, there’s nothing new to report on this promising adventure/god sim.

Godling screenshot

Bow to Blood 

Revealed as part of an extensive line-up of new PlayStation VR titles at last year’s Paris Games Week, Bow to Blood puts teams of players in charge of an airship as they engage in combat with rival crews. Since the debut of Bow to Blood – which stated a 2018 release for the videogame – developer Tribe Toy has offered no new updates. No trailers, no screenshots; nothing. Here’s hoping we’ll hear more at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).


Quar: Infernal Machines 

Quar: Infernal Machines (formerly known as Quar: Battle for Gate 18) was one of the best strategy titles on the HTC Vive at launch. The PlayStation VR release has long been on the schedule though has suffered repeated delays. Last VRFocus heard was an expected March 2018 launch, which has obviously now passed. Will we still see Quar: Infernal Machines on PlayStation VR in 2018? Here’s hoping so.

quar header 


Megalith is another PlayStation VR title that was revealed during Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE) Paris Games Week press conference last year, only to have disappeared shortly thereafter. A release in Q1 2018 had been expected, but currently there’s no confirmation of a specific date. For many of those keenly following the PlayStation VR software line-up, Megalith’s opportunity to play as a titan on a quest to become a powerful god though a stylized, destructible world has positioned it as one of the most highly anticipated titles of 2018.




A joint venture between Ubisoft and Elijah Wood’s Spectrevision, Transference is an interesting first-person horror experience. Flitting between both eerie and ultra-violent with abandon, Transference casts the player as an investigator exploring digital reconstructions of a man’s mind. It’s weird, and given that it has been suggested for launch in June 2018, it’s likely to get a big showing at E3.

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