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Neko Atsume VR Gets Japanese Release Date

Get ready to become a crazy cat person with the upcoming release of cat collecting simulator.

Japanese cat lovers can rejoice as the release date for the virtual reality (VR) adaptation of cat collecting simulator Neko Atsume has its release date on PlayStation VR announced.

First announced back in September 2017, it has now been revealed that Japanese fans of the title will be able to get their paws on the PlayStation VR version of Neko Atsume VR from 31st May, 2018, priced at 1,944 yen.

Neko Atsume VR is an adaptation of the absurdly popular iOS and Android title Neko Atsume, which was originally released in 2014 and involves the player leaving out food and toys in a charming yard, then waiting for cats to arrive. The cats will play with toys such as teasers, or sleep on the comfy beds and cushions you provide, and will sometimes leave gifts behind for you.

The VR version follows the structure of the mobile title, though the overview on PlayStation Japan suggests that the player will be able to sit and wait for the cats to leisurely saunter into your yard, instead of them appearing there when the app is running in the background, which suggests there will be more animation involved in the VR version.

The PlayStation VR version of Neko Atsume VR will let the player take a more active role in playing with the cats using toys, in addition to simply placing objects and food and taking photographs. There are different types of toys and food, which will attract different cats depending on their personality and preferences, there are even rare cats, such as Conductor Whiskers, who loves the cardboard train, or Ramses the Great, who prefers the pyramid tent.

Users can use the fish left behind by cats as currency to buy new items for cats to play with, or expand and remodel the yard to suit your preferred tastes. Western fans will be disappointed to learn that there has as of yet been no word on plans for a release of Neko Atsume VR in Europe or the USA.

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