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Dream Match Tennis VR

New PlayStation VR Title Dream Match Tennis VR Announced

Currently in development from the studio behind Rollercoaster Dreams.

In the latest issue of Famitsu magazine a brand new PlayStation VR title has been revealed. Dream Match Tennis VR is looking to bring the enjoyment of tennis to virtual reality (VR) and give players a chance to score big on the virtual court.

Dream Match Tennis VR

Dream Match Tennis VR is being developer by Bimboosoft, the team behind Rollercoaster Dreams which was a launch title for the PlayStation VR. The team are hard at work on the title which is said to be currently around 95% completed, meaning more details should be released in the coming weeks. According to the preview in Famitsu, Dream Match Tennis VR will be a brand new VR title that is said to simulate all the behaviors of a normal, real life tennis match. This includes the movements of the racket and ball movements, rotations, and how players can angle their shots.

Bimboosoft also revealed that to help make the title a more natural and realistic experience that the title will include  human-like Artificial intelligence (AI) known as “Snnitie” to offer a authentic and believable tennis experience. With such a strong focus on the behavior of the opponent along with the movement of the racket and ball, Dream Match Tennis VR sounds to be going about things in the right away ahead of it’s release on PlayStation VR.

Dream Match Tennis VR

Though many other titles have tired to simulate sports such as Tennis or Ping-Pong within VR, each to different degrees of success, Dream Match Tennis sounds promising thanks to the focus on racket and player movement. With the title still in development and no release date mentioned, it could be some time until players get hands on with the title but it all sounds promising for now.

The developers other title, Rollercoaster Dreams, allowed users the chance to build and manage their dream theme park and rollercoasters rides. It even included a limitless rollercoaster editor called KALMOF which gave players the chance to experience infinite patterns of rollercoasters all within VR. It came complete with mini-games and theme park management tools to offer players an in depth experience all within VR.

A short trailer for Dream Match Tennis VR is available to watch below, following the reveal in Famitsu magazine, which showcases some of the titles features and gameplay.

VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on Dream Match Tennis VR as it becomes available so stay tuned for more.

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