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Optis Talk About How VR Simulation Can Improve Manufacturing

Nina speaks to Optis Application Engineer Claire Pietu, about the world of VR simulations.

Optis are a leading simulation company that have worked with various companies and brands to create high-fidelity simulations to simulate a product so its design can be previewed in full before it is built.

Nina speaks to Claire Pietu, Application Engineer for Optis World about the company’s working virtual reality (VR) and how this technology can help companies develop new products more cheaply and efficiently.

Pietu said that one of the advantages of the Optis system is that it can scan different materials for inclusion into the simulation, allowing companies to test out different types of materials without having to build a large, expensive prototype.

Optis aim to produce simulations that are true, and accurate, properly corresponding to how an object would react in the real world according to lighting, material properties and so on. Pietu says this is particularly important when people are making decisions based on a simulation model instead of a physical prototype.

One of the largest customers for the Optis VR software is the automotive industry, where almost every major automotive manufacturer uses Optis software to design new models, decide on interior lighting, headlight design, and more recently, the heads-up display. The company also works with producing simulations for military applications and in the electronics industry.

Pietu commented that VR allows for a more complete picture, due to its immersive nature. She said that some decisions are possible when simply looking at a scree, but the ‘presence’ of being in VR gives a much clearer picture of the reality of the simulation model and how it would be in real life.


In other contexts, Optis can use more interactive VR simulations that are not restricted to just visuals. Optis have produced demonstrations in VR featuring things like a production line where manufacturing businesses can pick up different parts to see if they will fit together smoothly.

The full interview is available to view below. Keep watching VRFocus for more news from the VR industry.

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