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Arcona / Digital Land

Owning The World In AR: Arcona On Content Creation Using Blockchain and Augmented Reality

Arcona’s co-founder discusses the rise of AR and blockchain – and how the companys latest project, Digital Land, ties in to both.

Augmented reality (AR), like blockchain, is one of the top five most breakthrough technologies of 2018. The major IT giants like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Snapchat have been fighting for the leading role for the last couple of years. Investments in the AR-related projects have reached over $3 billion during last year, while by 2021 the market is expected to grow up to $83 Billion (USD). Deloitte analysts point out that by the end of 2018 at least one billion smartphone owners will use AR-applications.

Augmented RealityIn order to make AR technology genuinely popular, its necessary to make this one last step – to open it up – make it intuitively simple for every-day users to create and manage AR projects without leaving their couches. Just like today we can publish our own photos, videos or 3D graphics in various social media. The primary task of Arcona blockchain ecosystem is to provide millions of users with simple and affordable tools for launching own AR projects around the world. The ecosystem is built on a unique technology platform that automatically generates a layer of augmented reality – the Digital Land – anywhere in the world. Each square meter of this virtual environment is tied to a particular location in the physical world and is perfectly prepared for the remote placement of interactive content. For example, being in New York, you can easily get a piece of the Digital Land in the central square of Rome and run your own fairy creatures or a historical show, literally without leaving home.

The Arcona platform enables almost everyone without specialized programming skills to set-up and manage AR projects. In the next few years Arcona users will be able to share hundreds of thousands of the most incredible interactive quests, excursions, training programs and promotions in augmented reality. That’s where all the new AR headsets and smartphones will come in handy. Ultimately, Arcona will give a strong impulse for development of the AR industry and will change the structure of the market, making it global and widely available.

Arcona Digital Land is a truly revolutionary asset created at the edge of the most advanced and fast-growing technologies of AR and blockchain. This is a site where a smart contract reliably protects all rights of land owners. Thanks to the transparency of the blockchain system, the copyright of developers and 3D artists working within Arcona ecosystem will be guaranteed. The Arcona token gives the right to all participants of the ecosystem to buy and lease land plots, create their own projects and receive rewards for the results of their creative work.

Arcona / Digital LandArcona is a decentralised multi-user system and its success largely depends on the activity of the participants. In the Arcona community, there are already thousands of people ready to master the new Digital Lands and create a fantastic world of mixed reality across the planet.

By the end of 2018, the layer of Digital Land will cover the centers of the ten largest and most beautiful mega-cities of the world – New York, Rome, Paris, London, Tokyo, Beijing, St. Petersburg, Barcelona, Mexico and Istanbul. Currently, the core of the Arcona technology platform is being finalised. ArconaCore is the result of three-year research of talented Arcona engineers and thanks to their non-standard approaches and improved technical characteristics the core has already demonstrated high efficiency for large-scale implementation of the AR environment.

“Until recently, new AR projects were built on the basis of standard solutions offered by the libraries for AR apps, such as OpenCV, and inherited their drawbacks, because there were no new solutions on the market,” said Dr. Alexander Emelyanov, who is R&D Lead at Arcona. “Our algorithms, based on neural networks and AI, allow much faster analysis of a huge amount of data and images to create the most accurate virtual impression of any physical environment in real time.”

The first owners of the Digital Land will be the participants of the Arcona’s ICO, which is scheduled for April 15, 2018. Within a month, 120 plots in the most significant places in ten cities will be raffled among all our token holders. Good luck to those who get involved!

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