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Play Five New Titles At Oculus Game Days In Boston Today

Get hands on with a number of virtual reality titles, including five new ones, today only.

Oculus have announced that today during PAX East 2018 they will be showing off a selection of titles that include five new Oculus Rift titles as part of an Oculus Game Days in Boston.

Paper Valley Keyart Hero

Though at the show Oculus are showing a wide range of titles from AAA developers to independent developers, all push the boundaries of virtual reality (VR) in new ways. The Oculus Game Days is open to the public today between 2pm ET and 8pm ET in Boston, at 19 Drydock Avenue letting visitors try out these new titles first hand.

Including in the titles that are on offer are the recently announced Paper Valley, a zen-like VR adventure about restoring beauty to the world by throwing paper planes from developer VITEI Backroom. With its nonviolent design and accessible controls it is a title that any and all can enjoy.

The upcoming narrative-drive psychological thriller, Blind will also be making an appearance. Players wake up in a strange room only to discover their have lost their sight. Now players must explore a twisted, frightening mansion with only sound waves as a means to guide them through.

Vacation Simulator Logo Hero

If giant mech are you thing then Vox Machinae is also being demonstrated and allows up to 15 players in both VR and standard PC setups to battle it out. With a number of different classes, plenty of customization options and a wide range of weapons and means to destroy your opponent, Vox Machinae is a combat action-sim dream.

Speaking of combat, how about combat in space with jetpacks? If that sounds good to you than Space Junkies from Ubisoft, with it’s arcade shooter inspired design will be the one for you. Once again this title will also be available to try out at the Oculus Game Days.

Finally, the fan favorite from the Oculus booth at the Game Developer Conference (GDC) 2018, Vaction Simulator will also be on hand to try out. VRFocus’ Senior Staff Writer Peter Graham previewed the title saying: “Vacation Simulator feels very much like a Job Simulator 2.0, rehoused and repackaged in a new, brighter skin. There are always going to be similarities with its predecessor, so Vacation Simulator needs to have enough of its own personality to stand apart – like a bratty teenager trying to show their parents how modern technology works. From this introduction the videogame certainly looks like its going to continue the studio’s strong lineage, with Owlchemy Labs promising a bigger experience with more of a storyline for the single-player title, and plenty more to do. If you were a fan of the developer’s other virtual reality (VR) titles then Vacation Simulator should be a 2018 title to look forward to.”

These five exciting titles are just the tip of the pile of what is on offer at the Boston Oculus Game Days running on the 5th floor of 19 Drydock Avenue in Boston today, 2pm until 8pm ET.

PAX East 2018 is open from 5th April until the 8th April in Boston.

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