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Pundit Stickers

Experience Augmented Reality Stickers With Pundit Stickers

Explore millions of stickers with this new sticker search engine.

With so many different social media platforms it can be hard to keep track of your stickers or even find the right one for that reply. With Pundit Stickers, the sticker search engine, users are able to search through millions of different stickers to find the right one for any occasion. This also includes 3D and augmented reality (AR) stickers as well.

Pundit Stickers AR

Pundit Stickers works by acting as a dedicated sticker search engine, pulling results from across the web, and letting users then take there chosen sticker and use it across a number of different locations. Users can then take these stickers and apply them to other media such as photos and videos along with also sending stickers direct from Pundit Stickers to any messaging app to be shared individually. As the stickers work in a number of different apps and across platforms it means that there is no limit to which stickers can be shared and with who.

Thanks to Pundit Stickers camera functionality, users will be able to also experience a number of 3D stickers in AR by dropping them into their surroundings. As it is AR, users can walk around the sticker and watch it come to life right before their eyes. This feature requires a supported device but ARCore bringing AR capabilities to over 100 million Android smartphones, the number of AR ready devices is surprising large.

Pundit Stickers

Pundit Stickers has worked in close collaboration with Google to launch 3D stickers as part of the first wave of AR apps to be available on the Google Play store. With the digital sticker market valued at $2 billion (USD) it is no surprise that platforms like Pundit Stickers are keen to bring together the best the market has to offer and package it with exciting AR features.

Pundit Stickers is available to download now on iOS and Android devices, offering users a chance to explore their large collection of stickers and experience a number of them in AR. No matter the mood or topic of conversation you are sure to find a sticker for every occasion.

VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on Pundit Stickers in the future so stay tuned for more.

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