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Reality Zero One Secures Funding For New Motion Capture Platform

Reality Zero One platform will be geared towards capturing objects for use in VR and AR

Building a virtual reality (VR) experience is not an easy task. Especially when it comes to converting real-world objects into digital replicas for use in VR. Current techniques are slow and often costly. With this in mind, Reality Zero One are working on a new platform for easy capture of 3D objects for use in VR and AR.

Reality Zero One has secured £285,000 (GBP) in investment from startup funders and private investors, including the British Robotics Seed Fund. The technology is is aimed towards enabling easy, quick mass capture of 3D objects for conversion into VR or AR environments.

Reality Zero One’s founder Rob Eastham says: “This last decade, we’ve seen a spectacular fall in the cost of reading a single genome. We’re about to see the same thing happen to the cost of creating digital replicas of real-world objects. Our platform fills a clear gap in the market for creating ultra-realistic simulated 3D objects that are ready to use in any VR or AR environment.”

The platform consists of an Internet-of-Things enabled 3D capture device with software and cloud computing infrastructure for object creation, content management and publishing. The system has been designed to allow for a simple processor capture, creating and publishing 3D objects without need for complex post-processing.

The founders say that the funding injection will be used to further refine the product ready for market. The company says its foresees demand from a variety of markets including arts and heritage, education, e-commerce, fashion and food.

Dominic Keen, founder of The British Robotics Seed Fund and CEO of Britbots was enthusiastic: “The opportunity open to Reality Zero One is huge. We are keen to see more British companies take a share of this market and under the sound management of Chris and Rob, together with their innovative platform, we see a bright future for the company.”

Further news on the new VR capture platform and other new projects related to immersive technology will continue to be covered here on VRFocus.

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