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Alamo Church

Remembering The Alamo With Augmented Reality

Mobile AR app lets visitors to historical site of The Alamo peer into history.

The battle of The Alamo is one of the most famous in American history, and the site of that 1836 conflict has become a popular tourist attraction for visitors to San Antonio in Texas. Visitors will now be able to peer into the past to see how the historic site would have looked during the battle.

Alamo Reality’s new app, titled Experience Real History: Alamo Edition has utilised augmented reality (AR) technology to recreate the famous battle site. The app uses photoreal technology to overlay digital recreations over the present-day site.

“Using the power of augmented reality, visitors will be able to find historical locations hidden by modern construction and see and hear the stories of people who lived through these events,” said Michael McGar, President of Alamo Reality, a Texas-based company. “It’s exciting that people will be able to hold up a smartphone or tablet and experience the Alamo as it comes to life on the very spots where these events happened in 1836. The app can also be used at home, at school, or anywhere else in the world.”

The app uses perspectives of Texan, Mexican and Native American characters using newly-discovered information and artefacts to create a richer and more complete picture of the events that led up to the battle.

“We’re at the forefront of creating how history is shared for future generations,” said McGar. “The launch of Alamo Reality’s Experience Real History: Alamo Edition app marks a new era in utilizing technology to bring history to life in an accurate and engaging way. This is especially important in capturing the attention of younger audiences.”

The app is available for free from the Apple App Store, with an Android version in development. Additional premium AR content can be accessed for $4.99(USD). A video demonstration of the app can be viewed below, and further information can be found on the official Alamo Reality website. Further news on new and upcoming VR and AR apps will be here on VRFocus.

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