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Samsung Pilot Season

Samsung Push Forward Creative VR With New Video Initiative

Pilot Season gives indie filmmakers the ability to create an audience in VR.

Samsung have expressed a strong interest in virtual reality (VR) and 360-degree video, whether this is in regards to its Gear VR headset or its Gear 360 camera. The company is now taking that further with the announcement of Pilot Season, an initiative aimed at supporting the independent VR filmmaking industry.

The Pilot Season programme means that six exclusive new original series will see launch today on the Samsung VR Video service for the Samsung Gear VR.

Through the programme, a selected set of indie filmmakers were given a grant by Samsung in order to create original VR episodes and were offered use of the 360 Round camera, Samsung’s professional-grade 360-degree camera which was specifically design for capturing high-quality 3D content.

Those filmmakers involved were also given exclusive distribution via a dedicated channel on the Samsung VR Video service.

The content currently available on Plot Season includes:

  • Design – by Sibling Rivalry and Curious Octopus

    An episodic series about design that aims to change how people view the world around them by revealing the stories of different design projects.

  • Bro Bots – by Breaking Fourth

    A comedic sci-fi story set in the near-ish future about two robots who move to New York and join the NYPD

  • The Interpretation of Dreams – by Graham Sack and Sensorium

    An examination of some of the case studies of Sigmund Freud and a look at how the unconscious mind works.

  • Lightcatcher – By Occupied VR and RSA VR

    A look at a possible future of 2150 where the world has changed. Incoporating exploration, adventure, romance and science fiction.

  • Sam’s Surreal Games – By RSA VR and Hey Wonderful

    An observational work where viewers are challenged to spot the unusual in the middle of ordinary, real-world settings.

  • Voyages: Pilot – by Kaleidoscope

    An experience that travels through an entire human life from birth to death and examins what it means to grow and age.

A video trailer for Pilot Season is available to view below. All the current Pilot Season content is now available on the Samsung VR Video service. To access it, users will a Samsung Gear VR need to had to the Oculus Store and access the content from the ‘Featured’ section of Samsung VR video,

Further news on new and upcoming VR content will continue to be here on VRFocus.

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