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This Week In VR Sport: Augmented Reality Is Changing Audience Engagement [Updated]

Tour de France, half time AR hunts and 100 Seasons celebration.

Another week comes and goes and it is once again time for VRFocus to bring you another edition of This Week in VR Sport. With a number of sports related virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) stories, this week has three stories that are sure to peak your interest. With new ways to use AR to enjoy live broadcasts, pass the time during a half time break and a VR attraction to mark ‘100 Seasons’, there is a lot to take in.

Green Bay Packers Begin ‘100 Seasons’ Celebration With VR Display

Green Bay Packers 100 Seasons

Professional American football team the Green Bay Packers are starting their 100 Seasons celebrations that marks the ten decade long running of the team. Over the course of 100 years and 1,392 league games, there is plenty for fans to celebrate, with 13 world championships, 25 Pro Football Hall of Famers and a beloved home, Lambeau Field. The 100 Seasons celebration is a way for the team, fans and community to come together and mark this impressive landmark.

Beginning in June, Lambeau Field Live presented by Associated Bank will take the Packers on the road, a traveling interactive exhibit which will include everything fans love about Lambeau Field at five locations around the United States. These locations include Summerfest, the Northern Wisconsin State Fair, EAA AirVenture, the Wisconsin State Fair and Taste of Madison. Fans who visit the Lambeau Field Live will be able to enjoy 60 activities including a one-of-a-kind VR display presented by Patrick Cudahy.

The celebrations won’t end there though as the Summer will see the Packers Experiences, presented by American Family Insurance, Old El Paso and Mills Fleet Farm. A four-day, free festival for fans of all ages that will once again include plenty of activities including live music, a replica team locker room, USA Football kids’ clinics, Packers alumni question-and-answer session, photo stations and prizes through Packers Pass. The Packers Experience will start on Thrusday, July 26th and run until Sunday, July 29th.

Accedo Reveal AR Proof Of Concept For Sports Coverage

Accedo AR Tour de France GIF

Video experience company Accedo have revealed an AR proof of concept experience for a way to track sporting coverage on the go. Designed as an alternative to the standard broadcast of cycling routes such as the Tour de France, Vuelta a España or Giro d’Italia – but that could easily translate to other sports as well. The solution would offer a more engaging viewing experience by using AR technology in conjunction with a second screen.

Though a number of applications already allow for second screen viewing to further the experience, Accedo are positioning their solution as second screen AR. By bringing the view into psychical space, the viewing becomes more visual, natural and engaging as realistic 3D models and UI elements bring the live coverage to life. The live positions of the different riders and the option to change the view to a helicopter view from various points across the course. Thanks to the AR application, viewers would then be able to pull the camera in and out, walk around the route and direct the coverage in a tailored manner.

Accedo’s AR solution is currently only a proof of concept and VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on this in the future as it develops.

XenoPlay Set To Alter Live Sports Event Landscape With AR Interactive

XenoPlay Promo 01

XenoPlay is an AR platform that is looking to revolutionize the way users interact with mobile device videogames during live sports event. The cloud-based, customization platform that allows any organization – a team, an event, a league – to create, design and implement an augmented reality experience. The application for this platform could allow visitors to a live sport event in which during the half time event they could walk around and hunt for virtual coins to unlock an exclusive interview. Pointing the device at a player may display a virtual overlay of this match stats, again further enhancing the viewing experience.

“We’re trying to service a demand we see coming, where rather than having a million apps, we have a universe of AR, a platform we can deliver anything on,” said CTO and co-founder of XenoHolographics Rodney Guzman. “We really want to enable someone who works in marketing to not have to talk to any developer or speak about any technology, and to just be able to do it themselves.”

The team at XenoHolographic is excited about the application of their cloud-based AR solution and the endless opportunities that teams and venues can create with affordable and scalable tools to develop products rapidly. With a continuing raise in adoption of AR products to engage visitors, teams like XenoHolographic will be key players in making this technology more wide spread.

That is all for This Week In VR Sport. For more on immersive sport news keep reading VRFocus and remember to check back next week for another This Week In VR Sport.

Update: This article has been updated slightly to clarify that Accedo’s proof of concept can be for sports beyond cycling.

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