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TPCast Announces Multi-User Wireless VR solutions

A new multi-user, business-focussed wireless solution for HTC Vive has been announced by TPCast.

TPCast initially drew attention in the virtual reality (VR) field with the announcement of its wireless solution for consumer VR headsets. The idea of being able to play high-end VR without cables was very appealing, and now TPCast are extending that capability to business users with a multi-user business edition.

TPCast have announced the launch of its Business Edition Wireless VR Adapter, which is intended for the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) market, with the first version planned to be released in Q3 of 2018.

The TPCast BE Wireless Adapter starts from one users and allows for a multi-user experience of up to four users in a single zone, and five or more in connected zones, while maintaining the 2K quality of the HTC Vive display and allowing for latency of under 2ms.

The Business Edition adapter is targeted towards a variety of multi-user business applications, including use in medical, automotive, real estate and training areas. The device will be sold directly by TPCast and will include a consulting service along with customised engineering, products and installation to suit the requirements of each business user.

The device attaches to the HTC Vive headst without changing the headset. The adapter consists of four parts: The PC Transmitter module, helmet reciever module, battery power box and business class router.

“We’re excited to introduce the wireless TPCAST Business Edition to the EMEA market. Especially in commercial settings where processes can be incredibly complex and expensive, wireless VR can be a powerful technology to experience true team collaboration in the virtual world and to reduce cost for example by VR design verification. The TPCAST Business Edition is a scalable solution to satisfy the high demand for true immersive, multi-user VR applications and to make backpack laptops redundant,” said Reiner Pes, General Manager EMEA, TPCAST B.V. “TPCAST is committed to the VR market and has been showing its commitment by enhancing the VR experience and continuously delivering new wireless solutions.”

Businesses interested in the device should contact the TPCast sales team for pricing and other details. Vrfocus will continue to bring you updates on the TPCast and other VR accessories.

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