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Terminal 3

Unity Funds AR Documentary On Muslim Identities in the USA

AR documentary Terminal 3 will premiere at Tribeca Film Festival thanks to support from Unity.

Unity Technologies are the creators of one of the most popular 3D development platforms. Which has powered a huge range of videogames, including several virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) titles. The company has now launched its first annual Unity for Humanity grant, which is funding projects such as Terminal 3, an AR documentary exploring Muslim identities in the US.

The $25,000 (USD) grant is designed to support creators who are developing Unity projects featuring themes such as healthcare, science, social awareness, education and the environment. The grant was inspired by projects such as Terminal 3.

Terminal 3

Terminal 3 is an AR documentary created by Asad J. Malik, which looks at contemporary Muslim identity in the current political climate through the lens of an interrogation at an airport. Viewers will be able to watch proceedings and decide the fate of the passenger before them. Unity partnered with Malik to support its premiere at Tribeca Film Festival, due to take place on 20th April, 2018.

“Unity, is not a game engine anymore, it’s a tool that will democratize the creation of new realms of reality and expression,” said Asad J. Malik, creator of Terminal 3. “We’re moving towards a world where individuals can create worlds for others to experience. Defining the reality of the future is a huge responsibility but also an unprecedented opportunity for change. It’s important that tools like Unity make a special effort to give the stage to underrepresented narratives, which is why it’s an honor that Terminal 3 is recognized with this thoughtful new grant. I’m very proud to be the first recipient and am excited for all the indie creators who will receive these funds in the future to push their expression forward.”

“As the leading interactive development platform, it is important that we highlight meaningful projects from a diverse range of creators and across many industries,” said Isabelle Riva, Head of Made With Unity. “With the Unity for Humanity grant, we can celebrate meaningful projects and showcase the world-changing good that can be accomplished when creators have access to the right tools.”

Terminal 3

The call for submission for the 2019 grant will open on 1st October, 2018 with the recipient announced on 1st January, 2019. VRFocus will keep you updated with news on Unity for Humanity.

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