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Upcoming VR Animated Film “Crow: The Legend” Reveals New Cast Members

Baobab Studios announced new cast members including Tye Sheridan and Liza Koshy.

The creators of the popular and successful Asteroids! and Invasion!, Baobab Studios, have announced that Tye Sheridan (Ready Player One) and Liza Koshy (Hulu’s Freakish) are joining the cast of their upcoming virtual reality (VR) animated film, Crow: The Legend.

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“We are thrilled that Tye Sheridan and Liza Koshy have joined the impressive cast of Crow: The Legend. Our story is about conveying a universal message of selflessness and self-acceptance. This animation is more than just a story; it’s a narrative experience. We can’t wait for audiences to see these actors bring this to life in incredible virtual reality,” said Maureen Fan, Baobab Studios CEO and Co-Founder.

On top of the announcement of two new cast members comes the news that Native Americans in Philanthropy CEO Sarah Eagle Heart will also be joining the team. This appointment sees Sarah Eagle Heart and her organization coming on bored to help the team at Baobab Studios promote Native American-inspired storytelling and to provide support on the project.

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CrowThe Legend is inspired by long-told Native American folklore, but brought to life in 21st-century ways.  With its focus on how we can all do better for the world around us, I was honored to participate,” said Eagle Heart.  “This film is a generous gift to the world, sharing the worldview of indigenous peoples through virtual reality.  And we look forward to exciting partnerships to come, particularly those focused on youth and mentorship, something to which Baobab and our philanthropy are both passionately committed.”

The upcoming VR film Crow: The Legend is inspired by the origin of the crow. John Legend will be voicing the titular character, a brilliantly plumed bird who is nominated by his fellow animals to bring warmth back to the world in an endless winter. His journey is rewarded and he carries the gift of fire back to his fellow animals in his beak however, in doing so he sacrifices what is most dear to him.

Sheridan will play Turtle, while Koshy plays Owl. Sarah Eagle Heart plays the moon, Luna in this upcoming VR film that is sure to be another impressive one from the creative talent that is Baobab Studios. Crow: The legend is set to debut later this year.

VRFocus will be sure to keep you up to date on all the latest for Crow: The Legend.

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