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VR Star Centre

VR Star Centre Coming To Swindon Shopping Centre

The Swindon Brunel Shopping Centre is one of five locations receiving a new VR Star Centre.

Shoppers in Swindon will soon be able to experience virtual reality (VR) while taking a break from their shopping with the arrival of brand new VR pods coming to the Brunel Shopping Centre.

VR Star Centre

The new VR Star Centre will provide users with the latest in cutting edge technology to become immersed in some groundbreaking experiences without the need for the equipment at home. The Swindon Brunel Shopping Centre is one of five new locations to get the pods in the coming weeks.

Arek Antoniak, Operations Manager of VR Star, said: “VR Star in Bristol has been hugely successful and these five new centres will offer even more customers across the UK the chance to enjoy the ultimate VR experience. Our VR Cinema Pods engage all the senses to deliver something that is genuinely immersive and thrilling. We can’t wait for people to get the chance to enjoy them.”

By putting on the VR head-mounted display (HMD) users will become immersed in the simulated 3D environments while positioned on special machinery. This allows for them to interact with these environments by rotating their head and shifting their body weight. These systems will help to create a more realistic experience and deal with any possible motion sickness which might occur as a result of use.

The Swindon Brunel Shopping Centre VR Start Centre will allow customers a chance to fly dragons, ride rollercoasters, explore haunted hospitals and even run alongside dinosaurs. Customers will need to take part in a five minute check-in and introduction before they choose a machine and experience up to on hour inside the virtual worlds. All of this is possible thanks to technology from companies such as Vive, Samsung, and NVIDIA.

To date, the VR Star Centre in Bristol has received exclusively five-star ratings on Trip Advisor, with people having responded to the TRON-esque bikes and race car experiences with praise. The aim is to have the same success in the new locations, including that one in Swindon Brunel Shopping Centre when it opens on 11th May, 2018.

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