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XXII Group Showcase New Mixed Reality Experience Verne

Can you work together to repair a submarine engine?

XXII Group have showcased a new mixed reality (MR) simulation experience at Laval Virtual, which brought participants into virtual reality (VR) to repair a submarine engine with physical interaction and controls.


Dubbed Verne, the experience would put two users into a virtual submarine thanks to the power of HTC Vive headsets, Vive Tracks and ManusVR gloves, offering haptic feedback to the physical interactions. Two or more users must collaborate quick and effective in VR to handle and repair the defective engine as quickly as possible using microphones on the VR headsets to communicate to each other.

The company are also the creative minds behind the simulation title Virtual Augmented Lab, which was a MR experience design to raise awareness of the risks involved in working in a laboratory environment. They made use of physical interactions once again for Verne with an interactive desk offering a range of inputs and mixing technologies. This resulted in a MR experience that made use of VR, haptic gloves, Arduino, 3D printing, and using sensors as a potentiometer, push buttons, brightness sensors and vibrators.


With Verne, XXII Group have once again been able to illustrate their ability to mix and match the best of technologies together to create a stunning, immersive experiences. Verne highlights new ways of teaching and learning within a realistic and safe environment that is also playful and interactive. This approach will contribute to better learning processes in the future and enhance the users understanding of challenges.

Earlier this month XXII Group Co-Founder Dam Mulhem spoke about innovation in VR and AR with VRFocus. During the internet Mulhem mentioned that the impetus behind the decision to create a VR content company was attending an event where he and his fellow Co-Founder saw the enthusiasm – and long queues – for the VR headset demonstrations. It was this defining moment that then lead the two to found the company and begin creating immersive VR experiences.

A video of XXII Group’s Verne demo can be viewed below which showcases the different technologies that were used in order to make the experience possible. VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on XII Group in the future so stay tuned for more.


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