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YARD Is An Augmented Reality App To Help You Build Your New Swimming Pool

Structure Studios release a new app to improve the workflow of the pool and landscape industry.

YARD is a new augmented reality (AR) application that is here to help designers create ideas for landscape and outdoor space projects in real-time from Structure Studios.

YARD AR screenshot 02

The application allows for a designer to create ideas and mock ups for projects, not matter the scale, and then bring them to life in AR right there at the work site. This means that the time needed to concept ideas or get approval from a costumer can be reduced as the design process can be handled in front of them. From the moment the application is open users will be able to start designing in a floor plan view what they have in mind before then setting measurements to bring it to life in full scale 3D that is able to be explored in AR allowing clients to see their dream outdoor plan come to life in seconds.

Targeted at the pool and landscape industry, which is currently worth over $5 billion (USD), YARD aims to make the process of designing and selling more confident by offering a visualization of the final product to life. Once an idea has been sketched out out in 2D on an iPad Pro, they can switch to 3D view to begin exploring the concept and taking it to the next level.

YARD AR screenshot 01

YARD comes with a large number of included objects and materials which can be dropped in and arranged as the user sees fit. As each of them is to scale, it allows for even greater immersive into what the finished pool, landscaping or even outdoor extension might look like. When it comes to changing the materials, all a user needs to do is look at an object and tap the required material, seeing it update in real-time.

YARD also supports Vip3D which means users are able to import pools, outdoor kitchens and more from the Vip3D package into YARD, placing and rotating them directly on the client’s property and then walking them around it. This means that the freedom to design and create remotely and onsite is available, empowering a designers workflow like never before.

For more on YARD in the future, keep reading VRFocus.

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