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AiSolve Talks VR For Simulations and Training

Shauna Heller speaks about the work AiSolve is doing to create training simulations in VR.

One of the areas where virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) has been most enthusiastically adopted is for training and education. Shauna Heller, North America President of AiSolve Limited talks about her company’s involvement with this sector.

AiSolve has been involved in the creation of 3D simulation content fro training since very early on in the history of the company. This work eventually evolved into a platform called VR Sims.

VR Sims is the proprietary training and simulation platform that uses the in-house AiSolve AI framework built on top of a Unity foundation. This suite of tools allows AiSolve to create custom content for training for clients in areas such as healthcare, manufacturing and enterprise.

The integration of the VR Sims platform into the AiSolve system means its fairly simple to add on the AiSolve analytics system to create a learning management system. This means that those leading training can check on learner progress, and address any potential weakness they might discover a learner has in a particular area.

One example of the platform in use is the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, which Heller says is using VR Sims in order to train medical students and residents how to react in paediatric emergencies. The students and residents involved in the simulation would be required to diagnose and treat the virtual child, with the simulation reacting depending on the actions taken by the user.

For a company in India, AiSolve are developing a platform to allow employees to work together to train, work and collaborate with one another despite being based in different countries or even on separate continents.

VR training is also seeing use to improve the training provided to security staff at airports in order to help them become better able to spot suspicious packages or dangerous situations.

The full interview is available to view below. VRFocus will continue to bring you news and coverage of new and innovative VR technology.

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