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Apex Construct Key Art

Apex Construct Demo Arrives On PlayStation VR

Release dates for physical version have also been confirmed.

Apex Construct got top marks from VRFocus was it was reviewed earlier this year, and developer Fast Travel Games have received praise from many other directions for its action-adventure title. To let more people have a taster of what Apex Construct involves, the company is releasing a demo that will be made available on the PlayStation Store.

Apex Construct puts the player in the shoes of one of the only humans left in the distant future, who is attempting to discover the truth of what happened to cause the destruction all around them.

Apex Construct

The player is caught up in a war between two AIs. One, named Fathr, provides you with instructions, weapons and guidance, but it is clear that there is much that he is not telling you. Fathr is fighting against another AI called Mothr who has an army of hostile synthetic creatures to send after you, which you must defeat with a futuristic bow and arrow.

PR & Marketing Manager Andreas Juliusson explains: “Apex Construct is such an immersive experience and a unique game for PSVR that we believe brings the best out of VR gaming. Whenever we have brought our debut title to a consumer event, reactions from players trying it for the first time have been overwhelmingly positive. Now anyone with a PSVR headset can try out Apex Construct in their homes before buying it.”

The PlayStation VR Demo is available now in the USA and will be in the EU and AU PlayStation Stores from Monday 14th May.

In addition, Fast Travel Games and publisher Perp Games have now confirmed the release date for the physical version of Apex Construct. Retailers in Europe will have the title available from 8th June, while American will need to wait until July. It will be priced at €29.99 (EUR) or $29.99 (USD). Some retailers already have pre-orders available.

Apex Construct

Further news on Apex Construct and other VR titles will continue to be covered here on VRFocus.

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