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Architecture and Design App Yulio Viewer Launched for Oculus Go

Yulio Technologies tool for viewing 3D design and architecture models comes to Oculus Go.

One of the appealing things about the Oculus Go is its available library of over 1000 titles, since the device can draw upon much of the existing Samsung Gear VR library. Some developers are already taking advantage of the additional features offered by the Oculus Go, such as Yulio Technologies, who are launching its Yulio Viewer app on to Oculus Go.

The Yulio Viewer app is designed for architecture and design, letting users become immersed in realistic architecture and interior design virtual reality (VR) experiences.

Several experiences crafted by professional architects and design firms have been created using computer-aided design software such as 3DS Max, Revit and Sketchup. These experiences can be browsed on the Yulio Showcase website, and downloaded to the user’s Oculus Go to explore and absorb at leisure.

Rob Kendal, Managing Director at Yulio Technologies commented “The new Oculus Go headset is undoubtedly the best non-tethered experience I’ve seen and an ideal device for showrooms and presentations which are keys to business VR. We believed this would be the case and therefore worked closely with Oculus from very early on to make sure the Yulio Viewer app was the first in its field to launch on the Go Store. Our platform is designed to be ubiquitous and completely user friendly for all of our users. Ensuring it’s readily accessible on every device, both cutting edge and cardboard simple, is therefore very important.”

The Yulio Viewer app is free to download, with new design and architecture experiences being added to the website on a regular basis.

The Oculus Go has great potential for business use, which Oculus themselves have recognised and added the Oculus Go to its Oculus for Business subscription service. The Oculus Go has portability as an advantage over the Oculus Rift, which means company representatives can use it to show new designs or prototypes to clients more easily.

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