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ARK Park On PlayStation VR Gets Free Locomotion And Visuals Improvements

New free locomotion system and visual updates make ARK Park on PlayStation VR better than ever.

Developer Snail Games has announced a new update to the PlayStation VR version of their virtual reality (VR) spin-off to ARK: Survival Evolved which brings a number of bug fixes and a new locomotion options. ARK Park on PlayStation VR is not only getting a new locomotion system and bug fixes and both the graphics and frame rate have been improved also.

Ark Park Screen 12

The new free update brings the mentioned locomotion system to the title, which was recently also released on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, allowing players the option to pick between the new free locomotion system or stick with the current teleportation method. Both of which have seen a number of improvements to ensure that players have the best experience regardless of which method they pick. Furthermore to this, Snail Games have added a number of tutorials to the title to help with the explanation of the movement systems.

Elsewhere in the new update PlayStation VR users will be able to know that the development team have been hard at work to also improve the graphics of the title. In fact, the graphics have been improved by 16% in the visual fidelity department – according to the developers – resulting in a more vivid and realistic experience without compromising on the frame rate of the title.

This visual improvement has been achieved by the team trying a different rendering mode that was able to give them a small gain in resolution, more effective anti-aliasing, and a boost to bloom lighting. The team at Snail Games were also able to spend some time on particular maps to bring out the fine detail in each model and texture within the title, further improving the overall visual visual fidelity.

Alongside the release of the new free locomotion system and the numerous improvements to the visuals of the title, a few bug fixes have also been pushed out as well. This includes fixes to the fuzzy fonts on the character creation interface and the addition of an explanatory prompt for the Gatling gun. The new update that includes all of the above content is available now for ARK Park on PlayStation VR.

ARK Park is currently available on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR. In case you missed it last month VRFocus got a chance to talk to Snail Games about their plans for ARK Park and where they hope to take the title next.

For more on ARK Park in the future make sure to keep reading VRFocus.

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