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VR Darts

Become The Best Darts Player In The World In VR Darts, Out Now

Immerse yourself in a realistic eSports darts experience.

Developer Hypersome Games have released their new virtual reality (VR) videogame which offers players a chance to experience the exciting world of darts in a competitive eSports environment.

VR Darts

VR Darts has been designed to offer darts enthusiasts a realistic experience all within VR in a number of different modes and settings. With a focus on realism the title allows players a chance to practice their dart throwing skills in VR with the opportunity to see improvements in the real-world as well. This is possible thanks to the a detailed training exercise within the title which will help make players accustom to virtual space as well.

Face off against your friends or players across the global thanks to the online multiplayer mode or go up against a local AI player. With the option to play 501, 301 or Around the World darts players are sure to find a game mode that will suit them be it online or offline. These can all be enjoyed the Dart Stand location or the Dart Cafe, each offering a unique feel.

VR Darts

Elsewhere in VR Darts players will also find over sixty different achievements and a number of ways to keep developing their dart throwing skills.  There is even the option to configure the physics behavior of your dart allowing payers to optimize the virtual throwing experience, ensuring realistic immersion.

VR Darts also includes online leaderboards allowing players a chance to compare their skills to other around the world. This is based on the ELO rating along with three dart average, out percentage and number of darts thrown all able to be reviewed and compared with the world. Once more, with a strong focus on the competitive side of darts and being described as a VR eSports title the developers are keen to make sure that is the case with realist throwing physics in an immersive title.

VR Darts is available now on Steam for £11.39 (GBP) and works with the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. Motion controllers are recommend for the experience but a gamepad is also supported. VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on VR Darts and it’s developer Hypersome Games in the future, so keep reading for more.

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