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Become the Guardian of Immortal Mountain

Newly released action-adventure title Guardian of Immortal Mountain is available for free on Steam.

Not every virtual reality (VR) experience is one you need to pay for. There are several free VR titles available to discover through online libraries such as Steam. One of which has been recently released by Chinese independent developer Bamboo Secrets and is called Guardian of Immortal Mountain.

Guardian of Immortal Mountain is set in a mystical fantasy world where magical guardians protect the animals that live within the Immortal Mountains. The player takes on the role of a guardian, trying to save the animals for a deadly threat.

Something dangerous has invaded the peaceful world of the Immortal Mountain. Monsters have summoned forth a magic tower that strips the innocent animals of the mountain for their very souls, transforming them unwillingly into hideous creatures.

The player is in the shoes of an apprentice Guardian, who needs to learn how to wield their own magic as well as learn how to use weaponry to take out the monsters, restore the four towers of protection and restore peace to the mountain.

Movement is controlled by an arm-swinging movement in a change from the standard teleportation mechanic, working similarly to titles such as Sprint Vector. Players can wield up to two weapons at once, and can also gain magic from the protection towers to be used with deadly effect.

The version currently available on Steam only contains Chapter 5, but the first four chapters are in development and should be published soon.

Guardian of Immortal Mountain is available on Steam for free and is compatible with the HTC Vive. There is now indication on if there are plans to port the title to any other VR systems. Further information and updates can be found on the Steam Store page.

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