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Blind Sets Sights on PlayStation VR Retail Edition

Tiny Bull Studios’ soon-to-be-released Blind will also receive a physical edition.

Tiny Bull Studios’ Blind has been on the radar for some time. With a PC release for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive expected soon, the development team had already confirmed that a PlayStation VR edition was set to follow later in the year. Now however, it appears that Tiny Bull Studios has entered into a publishing agreement with Perp Games for a retail edition of Blind.

Blind Screenshot 1

An interesting and surreal interpretation of echo location, Blind challenges users to navigate a virtual reality (VR) environment without the traditional visual complexity; instead, users must tap their cane in order to emit sound waves which reflect off – and thus highlight – surrounding objects. The player must use this asset to solve puzzles as they explore the mansion in which they are held captive by a mysterious puppet master.

VRFocus has met with Tiny Bull Studios on numerous occasions, most recently at Gamescom, Cologne, last year. CEO Matteo Lana revealed during an interview that Blind was borne as part of 2014’s Global Game Jam, suggesting that four years of the team’s lives have been invested in this intriguing VR experience.

Blind doesn’t yet have an official release date, however Tiny Bull Studios has confirmed that an Oculus Rift and HTC Vive compatible edition will be launching ‘this spring’, with a PlayStation VR release to follow later in the year, published by Surprise Attack Games. There’s currently no word on the suggested Windows Mixed Reality compatibility, and while many may suggest it’s safe to assume the Steam release will support this range of head-mounted displays (HMDs) also, there’s no indication of this on the videogame’s official Steam page.

The retail edition of Blind, set to be published by prolific retail-packagers Perp Games, does not have a release date currently. It’s not yet known whether the retail edition of Blind will coincide with the videogame’s digital release via the PlayStation Store, however pre-orders for a European edition are already available via Amazon and Play Asia. VRFocus will of course continue to keep you updated with all the latest details on Blind and other forthcoming PlayStation VR releases.

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