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Cappasity Has Announced A Partnership With Elysian

New partnership will bring AR/VR and blockchain-based Ecommerce together.

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) company Cappasity has announced a new partnership with the blockchain-based Ecommerce platform, Elysian. Cappasity is a multifaceted cloud-based platform that uses 3D digital assets for functions such as creating, embedding, and selling using blockchain technology to accomplish these functions in a practical manner that brings an unprecedented level of creative AR/VR content solutions.

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The capability of integrations of Cappasity is why the partnership with Elysian is a solid move for both projects. Elysian is a decentralized Ecommerce platform that allows Ecommerce merchants to build customized websites on the blackchain. The platform allows for improved security by storing data across a distributed private network using Ethereum’s private side-chain for Proof-of-Authority consensus. In addition, the platform creates opportunities for enhanced user experiences through the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AR) for virtual assistance and simple website navigation, alongside VR to promote increased user engagement.

As VR is an important aspect of the Elysian ecosystem, Cappasity is providing an effective solution to make the integration of their 3D digital assets the perfect fit. The Ecommerce industry, as Cappasity puts it, is lacking revolutionary 3D/VR implementation to capture consumers’ attention. Though many sites take advantage of 3D viewing widgets already, Cappasity and the Elysian platform will be able to provide several useful 3D features to their consumers which will include greater detail, offering a better user experience.

Users navigating websites on the Elysian platform will be able to view products in VR thanks to the integration of Cappasity. The ultimate goal is to provide an active level of engagement that mimics an in-store experience, all from the comfort of the users home environment. Consumers will be able to select products that interest them, and have several methods available to pay for the product through the atomic swap feature that allows for transfer of assets from one cryptocurrency to another. The 3D VR views will be powered by Cappasity, while all the Ecommerce and blockchain will be powered by a combination of the two platforms, offering the ideal experience for all.

As Cappasity and Elysian get to work on their integration, VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on the partnership and what it brings to the table for users.

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