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Classic Board Game Rummy Gets the AR Treatment Thanks to Ahoy Games

It’s available tomorrow on iOS App Store and on Android via Google Play.

While the latest augmented reality (AR) videogames may have players running around town catching little creatures or engaging in first-person shootouts, some developers are using the technology to remind us of a simpler time. Ahoy Games has recently done that by creating an AR version of a classic, Rummy, for iOS devices.

Rummy Club ARKit

Called Rummy Club, the title is an offline, single-player, tile-based Rummy game that’s just like the original. Playable in either AR or non-AR modes, Rummy Club features 8 different City Themed bet rooms (Rio, Moscow, Istanbul, Bombay, London, Las Vegas, Paris and Dubai) alongside 8 AI opponents to play against.

Rummy Club allows manipulation of all tiles on the table placed by players, giving the player unlimited move possibilities, and there’s drop -in and drop-out functionality so players can leave and resume a game at a later time.

Ahoy Games has designed Rummy Club to be an easy going, play anywhere videogame. So you don’t have to worry about an internet connection, and because you’re playing against AI characters there’s no time limit to worry about. And alongside the different rooms and opponents which offer various difficulties, there’s a Challenge mode for the most diehard Rummy  players out there.

Rummy Club AR

Supporting 7 language options, Rummy Club in its standard form supports both iOS and Android devices, with the AR component only for Apple ARKit for iOS 11. Rummy Club is set to launch tomorrow on both platforms. For further AR videogame updates, keep reading VRFocus.

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