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Create Floor Plans with iStaging VR Maker

Virtual tour app utilises ARKit technology to easily create floor plans.

There are a number of professionals who would find the ability to quickly and easily create floor plans to be extremely useful. Estate agents, interior designers and event organisers would all no doubt find such a capability to be extremely valuable. For those users, the new feature added to iStaging’s VR Maker app might be of considerable interest.

The new VR Maker feature utilises Apple’s ARKit toolset to recognise spaces, such as walls and floors and can provide accurate measurements. By scanning each wall of a space, a floor plan can be produced quickly and easily.

Having an accurate floor plan means that estate agents can better advertise to prospective clients. Technical personnel can better judge where to install equipment, event organisers can estimate room capacity and interior designers can draw up ideas for furniture locations.

“The floor-plan feature is an important addition to our toolset,” noted iStaging CEO Johnny Lee. “Virtual tours and floor plans are two facets of the same experience and our real estate customers expect to be able to generate them all in one go.”

The feature is fully integrated into iStaging LiveTour, which allows users to capture 360-degree pictures of real estate, events or locations and convert them into VR tours. The app is compatible with cameras such as the Ricoh Theta S, Samsung Gear 360, Insta 360 and LG 360, among others. The floor plan produced using the app can be exported as an image or added in to a LiveTour.

The floor Plan feature is currently in Beta. To use, users will need to download the VR Maker app from the Apple App Store using an iPhone 6 or newer, which has the ARKit feature installed. They will then need to select a LiveTour to add a floor plan to, and begin scanning from a corner of the room.

To assist new users, iStaging have included a full guide on how to begin using the new feature on its website. For further news on new and innovative uses of AR technology, keep checking back with VRFocus.

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