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CryptoCarz Brings Together Blockchain, VR and Racing

Trade and race cars bought or hired using Ethereum blockchain technology.

Decentralised systems such as blockchain have an appeal to many developers, as it means the expense and infrastructure are diversified, so there isn’t one single point of failure. Several virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) projects have begun taking advantage of this, and CryptoCarz is the latest to join them.

Independent developer Blockchain Studios is developing a multiplayer, immersive VR racing experience that lets users buy or hire virtual cars using Ethereum blockchain, then race them to your hearts content.

The initial launch has twenty car models, each representing the top cryptocurrencies. Each model will have a maximum availability of 650 virtual vehicles, which is hard coded so no duplicates can be created in future. Each car has its own strengths and weaknesses, which has been weighted to ensure that each race remains competitive.

Daniele Sileri, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Blockchain Studios said: “CryptoCarz is the first platform to bring together blockchain, VR and gaming technologies. By giving gamers news options to visualize, own and adapt and race their own car, we think a new era in gaming has arrived.”

The cars will be initially made available through the official CryptoCarz website through a series of online auctions. The CryptoCarz vehicles exist on Ethereum blockchain as non-fungible tokens to allow for future buying and selling. Once purchased, the vehicle will be stored in the owner’s cryptocurrency wallet, showing ownership.

Blockchain Studios have plans to introduce a dedicated CryptoCarz marketplace in future, to allow users to trade vehicles on a secondary market, so users will be able to be wheeler dealers as well as racing drivers.

The first CryptoCarz auction is due to take place in June 2018, and further information can be found on the official CryptoCarz website.

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