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Dark Fantasy Shooter Lordian: Karma Out Now on Steam

Action-defense title set in a fantasy world shattered by war is available now for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

The idea of wielding powerful magic is an appealing one to many of us, which is one reason why fiction containing wizards and sorcerers is popular. Virtual reality (VR) offers the chance to immerse yourself in a magical fantasy and feel like you truly are using those powers to smite evil, such as in newly released VR title Lordian: Karma.

Lordian: Karma is set on the the continent of Lordian, which is still suffering after a cataclysmic war. The land of Lordian faces a new threat that the player must confront and defeat so peace can return.

The backstory concerns a mad god known only as The Emperor, who was sealed inside a dimensional rift. The destructive War of the Six Tribes created such massive disruption that the seals containing The Emperor have begun to weaken, allowing the mad god to send through his minions to bring more misery to the already suffering land of Lordian.

Waves of terrible monsters will rampage across the land unless you stop them using a powerful magic crossbow and a range of alchemical traps which let you freeze enemies in their tracks, blow them away, burn them to a crisp or even summon a pair of giant spectral feet to trample them into the earth.

The development team have said that multiplayer is where the true challenge lies, letting players take on some of the most difficult levels alongside a friend. There are four multiplayer stages available, and three single-player stages. Some stages feature weather effects such as snow fall, or pouring rain.

Ten different monster types are available, featuring fantasy monsters such as gargoyles, ogres and kobolds, which players need to learn which of the eight available traps will be most effective at taking them down.

Lordian: Karma is available on Steam for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, currently priced at £7.43 (GBP), a 20% discount on the usual price of £9.29, an offer which will expire on 5th June, 2018.

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