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Edge Computing For Better VR and AR Experiences

GridRaster and Saguna looks to Edge Computing to improve infrastructure for mobile AR and VR.

Two companies have joined forces in an effort to improve the quality of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences available on mobile devices. GridRaster is a VR/AR startup that is working with Edge-Cloud solutions company Saguna on this endeavour.

VR and AR experiences can be resource intensive and need fast response times, which can sometimes be a struggle on current network infrastructure, as we have discussed before on VRFocus. GridRaster and Saguna are looking at applying a solution using Saguna’s multi-access edge computing expertise.

The solution involves the creation of a VR/AR software platform which operates on Saguna Open-RAN. GridRaster are providing the underlying hardware to power high-end VR and AR experiences by utilising the ‘edge cloud’. This allows for high-end graphical performance with low latency.

Saguna’s Open-RAN created cloud-computing ‘cloudlets’ at th access network, physically close to where the end users and their devices are located. This lets communication providers turn netorks into cloud computing infrastructures.

“Current compute and network infrastructure is ill-equipped to handle the next generation of VR/AR applications,” said Rishi Ranjan, founder & CEO of GridRaster. “At GridRaster, we are re-imagining the compute and network stack at multiple layers – device, network and edge cloud, to deliver truly immersive VR/AR experiences.”

“VR/AR present innovative opportunities for enterprises, retailers & manufacturers. That’s why, at Saguna, we are excited to collaborate with VR/AR market innovator in bringing mobile-edge-computing based solutions for this growing market space,” said Lior Fite, Saguna’s CEO. “Our advanced MEC solution, Saguna Open-RAN, offers an open, standard-based platform for mobile operators seeking to advance their Edge Cloud initiative.”

It is not currently known when this technology will be deployed, but the two firms are confident that this new type of infrastructure will lead to new, powerful applications being developed and deployed.

For further news on new developments in the VR and AR sector, keep checking back with VRFocus.

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