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Global AR Online Pitch

Eight Finalists For Global AR Online Pitch Revealed

The alliance between The GFR Fund, Super Ventures and The Venture Reality Fund have whittled down the entries from over 200.

Sometimes in order for something to truly succeed and create something bigger you have to work together. This is true in any line of business, even the immersive technology sector. After all where would the Gear VR – arguably virtual reality’s (VR’s) most prolific headset – be, without the partnership between both Samsung and Oculus? It’d certainly be a very different industry.

Global AR Online Pitch LogoNear the end of last month VRFocus reported on the Global AR Online Pitch, an event put together by three of the biggest investment names in the field of augmented reality (AR): The GFR Fund, Super Ventures and The Venture Reality Fund (a.k.a The VR Fund).  Open to submissions from all around the world, the aim of the Global AR Online Pitch’s goal was to give an unprecedented opportunity to developers to secure funding for their AR related developments. Now, some 241 submissions later, eight finalists have been announced.

They are:

  • ARwall – A Los Angeles based company. It has created the first AR display that requires no headset, goggles or smart device.
  • Cortex Core – Created by Binary Bubbles, Inc., is a codeless content management system that enables IP owners to maintain a strong and personal relationship with their consumers through always-on, world-aware digital AR characters.
  • DeepAR – A powerful face-tracking, face FX and deep learning SDK that allows any app to integrate advanced, Snapchat-like face lenses in hours. The most advanced AR Advertising SDK on the market, DeepAR currently powers over 50 million users each month through its integration with top ad networks.
  • JigSpace – Creates and shares interactive, 3D knowledge for anything.
  • Infiniverse – Connects the entire world’s digital space into a single, persistent, virtual AR world. The augmented reality land registry, content distribution platform and marketplace runs on the blockchain.
  • Insider Navigation (INS) – The first company that offers augmented-reality based indoor positioning and navigation for mobile devices.
  • PLNAR – An Austin, TX, AR startup that optimizes the settlement of home interior property claims (flood, water, fire). PLNAR generates fully measured, detailed 3D models and material summaries of rooms using augmented reality. (Read more about them here.)
  • SentiAR – Developing the first real-time AR software platform for interventional procedures on the HoloLens. Initially focused on catheter ablation procedures treating cardiac arrhythmia, the company aims to significantly change clinical practices.

Not only will all eight be pitching to investors, they will also be a part of the forthcoming Augmented World Expo (AWE) 2018, taking place in Silicon Valley from May 30th to June 1st. Taking to the stage to present to attendees.

“There is a huge advantage for companies to be able to pitch key investors without spending the time and money required to go on a roadshow,” commented GFR Fund CEO Teppei Tsutsui. “The AR Online Pitch event puts every startup on a level playing field and lets the entrepreneurs, and their vision and innovation, speak for itself.”

VRFocus will continue to bring you news on the event as well as updates from AWE 2018 at the end of the month. Be sure to look out for those.

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