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Epic Games Partner With NVIDIA and Intel on the 2018 Unreal E3 Awards

Winning teams will get some useful NVIDIA and Intel hardware.

It’s almost time for the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2018, taking place in Los Angeles, California in just over four weeks. As the biggest videogame event in the industry calendar developers and publishers tend to use the show to announce their biggest titles, and this year is likely to be no exception. And just like previous events Epic Games will be holding its Unreal E3 Awards, this year sponsored by NVIDIA and Intel.

Nvidia GTX 1080ti

As in previous years, the Unreal E3 Awards will highlight outstanding achievements of Unreal Engine developers across five categories:

  • Eye Candy
    This award is given to the most visually impressive Unreal Engine game at E3 2018 and rewards the use of leading-edge graphics that push the medium of interactive entertainment forward.
  • Most Addictive
    This award is given to the experience that we simply can’t put down. Nominees will make players forget about their surroundings and lead to fun-induced sleep deprivation.
  • Best Original Game
    This award is given to the project with huge potential as an all-new IP. Nominees will spark interest not only through gameplay, but through original characters, worlds and the potential that is put on full display during E3 2018.
  • Biggest Buzz
    This award is given to the project that creates the most talked about moment of E3 2018. From a major game reveal to an undeniably impressive demo or a major twist that flips the industry on its ear, this award goes to the Unreal Engine team or project that produces the most buzz.
  • Unreal Underdog
    This award is given to the team that pushes the limits to achieve an amazing showing for their game or experience at E3. Focusing on not just the product, but the people and process behind it, this award acknowledges a team’s perseverance to make a big splash at the big show.

“Our partnership with Epic on the Unreal E3 Awards aims to recognize and reward developers from around the world with our very best hardware,” said Fredrik Liljegren, Director, Systems Software, NVIDIA in a statement. “Whether it’s through this initiative with Epic, our own Indie Spotlight program or the growing GeForce community, we’re always excited to showcase Unreal Engine developers and their projects.”

Epic Games logo

Thanks to NVIDIA and Intel’s sponsorship each winning team will win an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti graphics card and an Intel Core i7-8700K Processor. Judges will announce nominees on Thursday, 14th June, with winners revealed the following week on Thursday, 21st June.

Unreal Engine is popular among virtual reality (VR) developers so there’s a good chance some of these categories will feature VR content. If you happen to be a VR developer using Unreal Engine and will be displaying your project in or around the LA Convention Center during E3 2018 then put your title on the judges radar by emailing e32018@unrealengine.com.

VRFocus will of course be at E3 2018 to bring you all the latest VR news, hands-on previews and more.

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