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Escape First Breaks Out On To Steam

Multiplayer escape room title is out now on Steam for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Escape rooms are pretty popular forms of entertainment, where a group of people get together to solve a themed set of puzzles that will ultimately let them escape from the room they are in. This concepts translates fairly well to virtual reality (VR), as shown by a new release from OnSkull Games called Escape First.

Escape First is designed primarily as a multiplayer experience which can be played on desktop PC or in VR which allows up to six people to play competitively or cooperatively.

The puzzles in Escape First can be tackled together in a team of up to six players, or in versus mode, each player is locked in their own version of the room and needs to try and escape before the other players do. If you can’t find other players, then Escape First can be tackles solo.

There are three rooms available to try out in Escape First:

  • Psycho Circus – After watching an impressive performance at the Circus De la Luna you find you are trapped in the quarters of a clown who really doesn’t like people touching his things. Can you escape before he returns?
  • The Red Button – The scenario involves a room, a door and a knife covered in blood. You need to find out what happened and, above all, don’t press the Red Button.
  • Lost In Time – A experiment involving an attempt to bend space and time goes wrong, leaving you trapped in a place where past, present and future have merged. You must unravel the experiment

The development team are keen to get feedback from the community on how the title can be improved in future updates and have been encouraging users to get in touch with comments and suggestions.

Escape First is available on Steam for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Its is currently available with a launch discount of 10%, bringing the price to £4.31 (GBP) from the usual £4.79. This discount will be applied until 17th May, 2018.

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