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Experience The Starry Night Sky With HomeStarVR, Out Now

New application allows users to see the night sky from around the world all in immersive virtual reality.

If you have ever longed to watch the night sky anywhere in the world then you might be interested to know about a virtual reality (VR) application by the name of HomestarVR. This application allows users to simulate the starry sky of major locations and cities around the world all within the comfortable of virtual space.


Developed by The Pockey Company, the application is able to simulate the full night sky in photo-realistic detail to offer complete immersion to the user. Once a user steps into HomestarVR they will be able to pick from three different modes in which to experience the title in. This includes a world sky time travel mode, full celestial planetarium and starry sky selection.

Each mode will display to the user a full night sky of stunning stars and constellations in all their beauty. By scanning the sky to find key stars and constellations, the application will then display information related to each of these to help provide the user with needed facts. As one of the features within HomestarVR allows the user to see the night sky from a number of famous locations, they are not bound by their real world location and instead can experience the stars worldwide.


For those interested in knowing what the night sky looked like on their birthday or a special date, HomestarVR allows users to enter a date and location and watch as the sky travels through time to recreate the sky from that date. This is all possible thanks to the data that HomestarVR uses which is based on NASA’s own data, ensuring an accurate simulation.

The official website for HomestarVR makes note of the application being designed in cooperation with the Sega Toys planetarium, which has sold more than 1 million units worldwide. HomestarVR is on sale via Steam with support for HTC Vive but the website mentions a PlayStation VR release along with Oculus Rift support. At the time of writing both of these do not seem to be available currently in the West.

VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on The Pocket Company in the future so make sure to stay tuned for more.

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