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F8 2018: Recapping all the AR, AI and Computer Vision Announcements

F8 wasn’t just about VR, there were plenty of other tech announcements as well.

For VRFocus’ second recap of the first day of F8 it’s time to look at all the other technology from the keynote address. This includes plenty of augmented reality (AR), AI and computer vision for some really interesting use cases, some commercial some sentimental.¬†

Just like its virtual reality (VR) projects Facebook is heavily investing in AR, combine the technology with its Messenger app. This was showcased via a collaboration with Nike, where users can unlock an AR experience that showcases one of the company’s new sneakers, walk up to it and examine the shoe. When it ends they then have the option to purchase if they wish.

AR is being more tightly woven into Instagram via the Camera Effects Platform. This allows developers/Instagram users to create effects that can then be seen and used by their followers straight away. While non-followers can still use the effects via their friends stories.

Mixing both AR and VR together, Facebook showcase a scenario where some buys an object for a friend, sends them a 3D model sample via messenger then using Facebook Spaces they can then both dive into VR to view said model in a 360-degree photo – in this instance it’s a food mixer and an image of a kitchen.

F8 2018 - AR Camera Effects Platform

Whilst all of those are novel uses of AR which some may or may not use it was Facebook’s showcase of an AI/computer vision project that caught most people’s eye. Taking a users 2D pictures or videos Facebook could recreate an entire area using point cloud reconstruction. Having an almost dream like effect, the inside of a house was recreated in VR using 2D images, with the AI filling in the blank spots so that you could actually wander around an old location that previously only existed in your memories.

Check out the video to learn more about this and all the other projects Facebook has been working on. As F8 continues, VRFocus will keep you updated.

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