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Floor Plan Opens Its Doors On PlayStation VR

Point-and-click adventure-inspired VR puzzle title is out now on PlayStation VR.

Quirky puzzle title Floor Plan is making its debut on the PlayStation VR today. The title was originally released for the Samsung Gear VR before developers Turbo Button chose to port Floor Plan over to HTC Vive and now, the PlayStation VR.

The development team say they were inspired by classic point-and-click adventure titles to create Floor Plan and its brand of off-the-wall humour and the cast of oddball characters that the player will encounter.

Gameplay for Floor Plan is set within an elevator. Players can travel to any floor to find a puzzle waiting for them. Each floor forms part of a larger puzzle, and though the floors can be done in any order, some floors need items from other floors in order to be completed.

The developers at Turbo Button have ensured that each puzzle has a number of different ways it can be tackled, leading to a few different possible solutions. If you do get stuck, help is a phone call away as players can contact the ‘operator’ for a hint on what to do next.

Players can choose a seated or standing control options to play Floor Plan and wander around the elevator, pick up objects, press buttons and interact with strange characters like the snowman who is, bizarrely, shivering.

As was mentioned in the VRFocus review of the HTC Vive version: “For example on one floor there’s a shivering snowman – slapstick comedy runs throughout – who just so happens to have a space boot on. You may have found the coffee earlier on which you’d have thought would warm him up, but that’s not the case, as you’ll need to head to other floors to find what you actually need.”

Floor Plan: Hands-on Edition Screenshot 1

Floor Plan is out now for PlayStation VR, priced at £4.99 (GBP) on the PlayStation Store, with a discount to £3.99 available for PlayStation Plus members. Further news on Floor Plan and other upcoming titles will be here on VRFocus.

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