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Groovy – Evil Dead Comes To VR

Evil Dead: Virtual Nightmare is set to come to Oculus standalone devices in June 2018.

In 1981 director Sam Raimi released a supernatural horror film called The Evil Dead that quickly became a beloved cult classic, cited by some critics as being the greats horror film ever made and spawning a host of sequels and spin offs. Horror fans can therefore celebrate, as that franchise is about to make it into virtual reality (VR).

The Evil Dead story revolves around an ancient Sumerian text called the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, which results in an army of ‘Deadites’ being created to visit horror upon the living. The main character is called Ash, who has appeared in every instalment of the film trilogy, played by celebrated actor Bruce Campbell.

Evil Dead: Virtual Nightmare follows on from the success of a previous Evil Dead videogame project created by Ghosthouse Entertainment, Screen Northern Ireland and indie publisher Boomdash Digital, who created Evil Dead: Endless Nightmare for iOS and Android.

The VR entry into the franchise will let players enter into the Evil Dead universe. Fans will be able to explore the world with full 360-degree vision and spatial sound. The developers have confirmed that the famous cabin from the first film is set to feature, where players can explore and venture out into the woods to take on Deadites who are lurking in the forest.

Few other details have been released about what the developers have planned for Evil Dead: Virtual Nightmare so far, but it can be taken as a certainty that fans will be clamouring for Bruce Campbell to appear as Ash in some way.

The title is currently slated to be released on Samsung Gear VR and ‘other standalone Oculus devices’ which can be taken to mean the Oculus Go. The release date is currently set as June 2018, though no precise date has been set, nor has a price point been revealed.

Further news on Evil Dead: Virtual Nightmare and other upcoming VR titles will be covered here on VRFocus.

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