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Microsoft HoloLens

HoloLens Subscription Service Comes To UK

Microsoft partners with Econocom to offer a two-year HoloLens subscription service.

Microsoft’s HoloLens is a versatile device, with its mixed reality (MR) capabilities seeing use in various areas and industries all over the world, being used in everything from healthcare to architecture. However, it doesn’t come cheap, at £2,719 (GBP). Microsoft have now announced that its HoloLens subscription hire service is coming to the UK.

The option to test out the HoloLens before purchase has previously been made available in North America. In the UK, Microsoft is partnering with JTRS and parent firm Econocom to offer a ‘Mixed Reality as Service’ package.

Digital Realities HoloLens key art

The subscription-based programme will allow companies to use a HoloLens device for £260 per device, per month for two years. This price incudes the device itself along with delivery, a swap warranty and collection and recycling once the term is at an end.

Users of the service will be able to add in additional subscriptions to apps and software such as VISR, Immersion, Nomadeec, Plain Concepts, Synergiz, Taqtile and Theoris. The aim of the service is to speed up adoption of mixed reality and aid companies in transformaing themselves for the digital age.

“The aim of this partnership between Microsoft and Econocom is to help our clients speed up their digital transformation,” said Paul Corriveau, Microsoft’s Global Head of Network Marketing and Partners for HoloLens. “By offering mixed reality ‘as a service’, Econocom is establishing itself as a market leader and confirming its commitment to making mixed reality and 3D technologies accessible to any company looking to improve its productivity and ways of working.”

“With the HoloLens partnership, we’ve brought together a community of companies, all of whom are leaders in their markets and are committed to facilitating companies’ access to mixed reality, said Marc Bringuier, Strategic and International Partnership Manager at Econocom. “This technology and solutions are now becoming accessible to all companies.”

Further information on the new subscription service can be found on the Microsoft News site. Future updates on Microsoft HoloLens will continue to be here on VRFocus.

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