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Bring to light

Horror Experience Bring to Light Aims to Get Your Heart Racing

Red Meat Games plan on using heart rate monitors to enhance the experience.

Having published Blot Interactive’s virtual reality (VR) title Bloxiq VR in 2016 for HTC Vive, Canadian developer Red Meat Games has announced development of its own VR-compatible experience, a Lovecraft-inspired horror videogame called Bring to Light.

Bring to light

Bring to Light is a horror-puzzle experience with a story that revolves around the forces of Light and Shadow at war, with players having to manipulate light and shadow to uncover the mystery of a being called the Avatar of Darkness.

Much in the same way Nevermind used bio-feed back and heart-rate monitors to alter the gameplay experience, Bring to Light will use a similar mechanic. This will dynamically alter the virtual world as it reads a player’s heart rate, finding things that scare the player and increasing or decreasing the intensity and frequency of events that have caused a change in the heart rate.

“Horror games are scary, in different ways, for different people. Using a heart rate monitor allows us to find out what triggers will scare individual players and using our custom AI, we can change the game in real-time to make the game more or less scary as needed,” says Keith Makse, CEO of Red Meat Games in a statement. “A biometrically enhanced horror game should allow us to create one of the scariest games out there!”

Bring to light

Bring to Light begins in the dark and dim tunnels of a subway with players slowly making their way to the surface. The light is your friend and must be used wisely to stay alive. While these screenshots look empty like any good horror title it’s what’s lurking in the shadows that’s the problem. Red Meat Games has yet to reveal how the light manipulation mechanics work, but via it’s Twitter feed you’ll find details on beta sign ups.

Currently in development, Bring to Light is expected to release in 2018 for PC, console, and VR-enabled platforms. As Red Meat Games release further details about the title, VRFocus will let you know.

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