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HP Teams With DiSTI To Offer Untethered VR Training

HP and DiSTI will be offering an end-to-end solution for enterprise VR training.

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) has become increasingly popular as a way to offer training in areas such as manufacturing, maintenance and healthcare in a way that is cost-effective and more efficient than traditional training methods. In an attempt to meet the growing demand, HP have teamed up with DiSTI Corporation to develop new VR training solutions.

VR training is a growth area that is expected to become a $18 billion (USD) market by 2022. The HP and DiSTI solution be focussed on maintenance and operations training for vehicle, aircraft and industrial equipment.

The HP and DiSTI solution would incorporate the HP Z VR Backpack in order to create an untethered VR experience that can provide a more immersive, and therefore more effective, training scenario for users and customers.

“HP is enabling companies to leverage VR technology in ways that transform workflows and unleash innovation. By working with leading partners like DiSTI, we will reinvent the way workers across a range of sectors do their jobs, whether it’s operating the most advanced industrial equipment or designing and servicing the next generation of automobiles,” said Xavier Garcia, vice president and general manager, HP Z Workstations, HP Inc. “HP’s versatile and high-powered devices, combined with DiSTI’s VE Studio development platform, will empower customers to create cost-effective VR training solutions that safely replicate real-world environments and processes in rich detail.”

HP and DiSTI will be offering an end-to-end enterprise VR training solution to enterprise-level customers featuring HP hardware, DiSTI’s VE Studio software platform and DiSTI and HP professional services teams.

“There is tremendous market demand for enterprise-level virtual training solutions that can be rapidly implemented, are cost effective and can be developed and managed by internal staff,” said John Cunningham, Chief Revenue Officer of DiSTI. “Many companies have identified the need to

implement VR enabled training but struggle with how to get started and scale due to the lack of internal expertise and the availability of cost-effective solutions. We are excited to combine our two companies’ VR expertise to accelerate industry adoption of VR Training.”

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