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JDI Announces High Pixel Density LCD for VR Applications

JDI reveal 1001 pixels-per-inch LCD display designed for use in VR headsets.

One of the primary concerns when it comes to the future of virtual reality (VR) hardware is the development of better displays. In an effort to move towards this goal, Japan Display Inc (JDI) have announced the development of a new TFT LCD display which is specifically design for VR head-mounted display (HMD) use.

The new display is a 3.25 inch, 1001ppi (pixels per inch) low temperature polysilicon (LPTS) TFT LCD which follows on from JDI’s previous effort at creating a high-pixel density 803ppi LCD display which was released last year.

The new 1001ppy LCD display features not just a high pixel density, but also an improved LC response time, which has been lowered from 4.5ms down to 2.2ms, which helps reduce motion blur. The new display is able to operate at a 120Hx refresh rate, which also contributes towards the reduction of system latency, which in turn reduces simulation sickness symptoms.

JDI are continuing with its research and development of even higher resolution displays for the VR HMD market and are looking to maximise pixel density, improve the motion blue and reduce latency. The company also hopes to be able to reduce the size and increase the lens magnification in order to reduce the size and weight necessary for HMDs in the future.

There are plans to begin shipping the 1001ppi display by the end of March 2019 as the company continues to work towards further improvements of its display technology. JDI is confident that demand will only accelerate as the VR market grows and develops.

A demonstration of the new 1001ppi LCD display will be available at JDI’s booth at The Society of Information Display’s ‘Display Week’ conference which will be taking place at the Los Angeles Convention Centre from 22nd-24th May, 2018.

For future updates on new and upcoming VR display technology, keep checking back with VRFocus.

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