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Jewellery Firm Gabriel & Co Uses AR to Enhance Online Shopping

Shop for a perfect engagement ring using AR.

One of the difficulties with shopping online for anything that needs to be worn, such as clothing, watches, make-up or, as in this case, jewellery, is trying to figure out how it will look when it is actually on the person. Jewellery brand Gabriel & Co is joining several other retailers in using augmented reality (AR) to overcome this issue.

The Gabriel Magic app forms part of an initiative by Gabriel & co to bridge the gab between its brick-and-mortar and online stores by using modern technology. The Gabriel Magic app uses AR to let customers get a better idea of what items will look like in real life.

Users can take a virtual part in the design process through AR and create a custom version of any piece in the Gabriel & Co collection, then see realistic 3D images with full 360-degree views of the finished result, and even see the final version on your hand to full admire it in place. Customers can even save the image for sharing with friend and family over social media before visiting a store to finalise the order.

Another use of virtual technology is for staff at the real world stores, as employees will be able to access the full catalogue of available Gabriel & Co jewellery styles by using a virtual showcase, without needing to have an example of every possible design in stock, thus saving space and money on stock that may not be needed.

“As technology reshapes the way we do business, the personal touch is becoming more important than ever,” says Jack Gabriel, CEO of Gabriel & Co. “Fortunately, it’s easier to provide—if you have the right tools. At Gabriel & Co., we think beyond the status quo. We keep a close eye on changes in the marketplace, and we develop forward-thinking products as new needs emerge. That gives our retail partners the edge on customer experience.”

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