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Killing Floor: Incursion screenshot

Killing Floor: Incursion Out Now on PlayStation VR

Tripwire Interactive make it a triple-threat as Killing Floor: Incursion is now on all three major VR platforms.

Horror-themed first-person shooter (FPS) Killing Floor: Incursion today completes its high-end virtual reality (VR) trifecta with its launch on the PlayStation VR after previously being made available on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

A standalone spin-off from the main Killing Floor franchise by Tripwire Interactive, Killing Floor: Incursion puts the player in the shoes of one of the elite Horzine Security Forces, who are leading an effort to contain an invasion by zombie-like creatures called Zed.

Killing Floor: Incursion screenshot

Players will be able to explore the building to find weapons and ammo, including pistols, shotguns and different types of blades. To help you out, you have a robot companion called NODE, who not only informs you of what is going on in the outside world, he can also be sent to search out ammo or health packs for if you are in a tight spot.

Players will travel through different environments to face different types of enemies, from the standard zombie-like Zed through to huge biomechanical abominations, each having its own weaknesses that players will need to exploit.

An exclusive addition for the PlayStation VR version is the Holdout mode map called ‘The Crucible’. Where the rest of Killing Floor: Incursion takes its design cues from dark sci-fi horror, the new map draws more from cult classic movie Tron, featuring sleek neon aesthetics and environments.

In Holdout mode players are put in a single point and nee to try and protect it for as long as possible as Zeds charge towards you, becoming steadily more aggressive and powerful as you progress until boss-level creatures tart ganging up on you. To aid you, a range of power-ups are available, such as the Berserker 4x Strength bonus, the Nuke which kills everything in the area or the Vampire which steals health from enemies.

KillingFloor PSVR The Crucible 02

Killing Floor: Incursion is available on the PlayStation store now, priced at $30 (USD). VRFocus will continue to report on new and upcoming VR titles.

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