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Tsetse Fly

Life in 360°: A Sleep Most Deadly

Huffington Post’s Out of Sight series heads to Africa.

Sleeping is pretty good. I highly recommend it based on some experience I had with it some weeks ago. It is the first Monday back after a rather unusual week on VRFocus that saw me cover a lot of the news as both Rebecca and Peter went off and enjoyed themselves. How rude. As a result of some long hours I’m now pretty tired and could do with some sleep.

Not all sleep is good, however. And no, I’m not talking about oversleeping.

Today’s video is one from October last year and it comes from the Huffington Post and focuses on Sleeping Sickness, which isn’t very nice at all. Sleeping Sickness, which is also known as human African trypanosomiasis, is spread through the bite of an infected tsetse fly. It can prove to be fatal, and more than sixty million people are at risk of contracting it across various parts of the African continent. So, it’s a serious matter.

I’ll leave it to the HuffPo team to explain today’s video.

“Out of Sight” is a series of 360-degree films telling the stories of the victims and the health workers battling neglected tropical diseases in some of the most remote and underdeveloped regions of Nigeria and Congo. The series explores efforts to eliminate three of those diseases, including the challenges and the progress.

This film focuses on sleeping sickness, which was once a major cause of mortality in tropical Africa but now may be nearly eliminated, thanks to the intervention of health workers and national health programs. As many as 80 percent of the remaining cases are found in Congo, the location of this film.

You can see the video below. VRFocus will be back on Wednesday with a video that hopefully will be a little bit cheerier.

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