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Life In 360°: Home On The Range

The Sierra Foothill Reserve in Clovis, California is home to the McKenzie Ranch.

As I always say with Life In 360°, people are more than welcome to submit items to me that we can perhaps turn to at a later date. As it happens that’s exactly what happened with today’s example of 360 degree videos – which seems to have some fans in the 360 video community. 

Life In 360° / 360 Degree Video

The submission comes from filmmaker Gary Yost from the blog 360filmmaking.com, who has been working on a four part series of videos for the University of California. The University of California, Berkeley was the recipient of a new virtual reality (VR) lab last year courtesy of Immerex which also offered scholarships for augmented reality (AR) and VR studies – so it sounds like something they’d be pretty interested in there.

In this particular series, you’d best set to saddling up partner, because we’re going to be seeing the world through the eyes of a cowboy. And when I say cowboy, I don’t mean something from a John Wayne movie. An actual cowboy, managing a SoCal rangeland conservancy property. Billy Freeman introduces us all to the McKenzie Ranch at the Sierra Foothill Reserve in Clovis, California and goes through just some of the tasks he has to concern himself with over the course of a day as well as the sights and sounds of the Reserve itself. All recorded by Yost with the aid of the Z CAM V1.

“One thing I love about shooting 360 video is that the amount of gear is minimal compared to a traditional video shoot.” Explains Yost on the accompanying blog for this video.  “Everything fit into the Polaris ATV with plenty of room to spare and the shoot itself was incredibly fun, driving through herds of cows up and down the side of a mountain.”

You can check out the video below and you can also find more from Yost on his YouTube channel – click here for that. VRFocus will be back next week when we’ll be checking out more videos from creators all around the world.

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