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Who Wants To Be a Millionaire

Life In 360°: Is That Your Final Answer?

Let’s get quizical on the set of Millionaire.

Unless you are presently a billionaire, in which case why would you want to consider a step down, has there ever been a more obvious quiz question answer than “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” Of course, we do. We all do. That’s the point of the thing. Give us the monies already!

Who Wants To Be a MillionaireThe classic quiz was developed in the UK and, hosted by Chris Tarrant, became a massive hit and a television institution and was soon sold to networks around the world.. With its look, ladder of 15 multiple choice questions and three lifelines – Ask the Audience, 50-50 and Phone-a-Friend – becoming iconic, in their way. The latter, ‘phone a friend’ even entered British parlance as a standard joke or nervous answer given by someone to a question they are unsure about. As did the show’s insistence that the contestant confirm that their choice was their “final answer”.

Millionaire, as it is known for short, recently celebrated its twentieth anniversary with a comeback of sorts hosted in the UK not by Tarrant but motoring journalist Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear and The Grand Tour fame. A new lifeline was also added – Ask the Host, which Clarkson has admitted is unlikely to be of much help unless it is about 1970’s prog rock.

ITV produced a 360 degree video putting you smack bang in the middle of the famous circular studio to show off the updated look as it goes through all the graphics and light sequences featured on the show. So, it’s like you’re in the hot seat yourself – best not get too nervous.

Fun Fact: Did you know the original set was based partly off of the Riddler’s lair from Batman Forever? As well as a couple of moments from Judge Dredd and even Jurassic Park. You can check out the video below.

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