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World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)

Life In 360°: Life In The Fastlane

NextVR give you a taste of things to come.

What you may not know, especially if you don’t read the author bios at the bottom of these posts,is that I have a very large interest in wrestling (or sports entertainment if you really, really insist). To the point I actually do a podcast/vidcast on the goings on within the universe that is World Wrestling Entertainment with a couple of my friends on a semi-regular basis.  

Not that long ago was WrestleMania. Which, as I touched on in a recent edition of VR vs., was heavily into immersive technology this year, even if the augmented reality (AR) that the company utilised didn’t exactly work 100%.  Something I noted in the post-event review I did with my wrestling co-horts on Last Minute Kick Out was that I had clocked a number of the locations where NextVR had set up thier virtual reality cameras around ringside. These included cameras embeded in the barriers around the ring. The partnership between WWE and NextVR having been announced back in January this year, and was described as “a match made in heaven” – and here’s me thinking that it was SummerSlam 1991 that had that.

WrestleMania highlights were said to be coming and WWE even namedropped and promoted NextVR’s app in the introductions to the WWE Championship match, which was a pretty big deal.  For those of you who have the app though you can now experience one of the stops on the road to WrestleMania prior to the big show, as at the end of March NextVR revealed footage from WWE Fastlane that gave you a better-than front row seat on proceedings.

The company released a trailer for you to get the idea of how things within the squared circle will work in VR and you can see that below. VRFocus will, of course be back later on this week where we’ll be looking at yet another example of how 360 degree video is being used.


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